Monday, January 28, 2008

Cleaning Out The Refrigerator

It's been awhile. I've been really busy lately. (imagine that!) I'm sure you've all been waiting, rapt in feverish anticipation, for me to get to my computer and pound out yet another brilliant blog post. (Yeah...I's a stretch.) Anyway, Here it is....hold your applause.

It's crazy, isn't it? I spend most of my life wishing I had more time to accomplish the things I need to do... but when I find a few minutes of unscheduled time... I can't really focus on anything, and I don't get anything done.

I need to clean out the refrigerator. I open the door and look inside. I see the stacks of food storage containers (oh, how I hate those blasted things!) and I shut the door. I know that the moldy Chinese from last month and the Mexican from two weeks ago should really go in the garbage. I know that the French fries from two nights ago (who really eats those things cold, anyway, ) and the Italian from Tuesday should probably be on the flip side of a Hefty bag by now. But, somehow I can't bring myself to disturb the cultural balance of my Frigidaire. Would clearing out my fridge be merely an act of good housekeeping, or could it be viewed as an unfeeling act of ethnic intolerance? (Pretty deep, huh?) After all, I have no intention of tossing out that perfectly good pack of Kraft American Singles.

Maybe I'm just putting off the cleanup because I dread scrubbing and cleaning all those hellish food storage containers. Who invented those gawd-awful things anyway? They always have all those intricate little nooks and crannies in them that hold onto the crusty remnants of "dinners gone wild" with uncanny tenacity. I just want to throw the entire container in the trash. But, I can't, because if I do, when my mom comes over for dinner she'll say, "you really should save this roast...where are all those cute little containers you had last time I was here?" Then I'll have to explain my unhealthy aversion to the little plastic buggers... and she'll recommend a good therapist... and I'll tell her I don't need a therapist... and we'll argue about my mental health.... and the whole evening will be ruined. (Sigh!)

Anyway... I decided to put off cleaning out the fridge.

So here I sit. Rambling on about virtually nothing to my virtual audience. sad. Maybe I should get a goldfish or something?

Well, I think the baby is starting to stir from his nap. Finally, something for me to do that doesn't involve cleaning disgusting ooze out of little nooks and crevices! (SNIFF.....SNIFF.....eeewwww!) Well....maybe there will be "crevice cleaning" in my near future, after all! "I've got the Huggies, and I'm on my way, little darling!" (Sigh.)

Until next time...

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