Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to the Grind (a transitional post)

Well, I managed to make it through Thanksgiving. I even struggled through a week-long menu plan to blast through the abundant leftovers. After surviving turkey casserole, turkey and noodles and turkey "surprise", we'll finally be able to enjoy a meal that didn't previously "gobble". (A big, greasy cheeseburger sounds pretty good right about now...) The cow goes, Mooooo! (Have I been spending too much time playing with the baby's "See 'n' Say"?)

Things have finally got back to normal. (What did you say "normal" was, again?)

The hubby is back at work, the kids (thankfully) back to school. My daily chores have returned as I tackle the perpetual laundry pile. I am again thrust into the elements of the reluctant domestic... left helplessly at the mercy of my needy and unappreciative family. (Did I mention lately, that I love being a mom?)

The baby naps between episodes of "Go Diego, Go" and "Blue's Clues", and I try to finish off my lukewarm cup of coffee between folding a load of towels and mopping the kitchen floor.

I contemplate dragging out the boxes of Christmas decorations, but my sanity returns (along with my tendencies to procrastinate) and I quickly reconsider. Right now, my short term goals include changing the baby's poopy diaper, finding the television remote, and trying to squeeze in a quick shower. (Mama always said I was a dreamer!)

Well, I've donned my most attractive bio-hazard suit, and I've got the diaper wipes in hand... I guess this is goodbye for now. :)

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